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About Us

The Santa Fe International Hostel is a 501(c)(3) educational not-for-profit corporation. We have been in operation for over 30 years and our goal is to create an affordable, well located, well operated facility and to encourage personal development through independent travel and cross-cultural exchange.

We operate as a traditional hostel. We don’t provide maid service; guests make their own beds & breakfast and all guests in dormitory and shared bath accommodation do a small cleaning duty by noon (12pm) each day to help with upkeep. In addition, we require all guests to leave their rooms as clean as or cleaner than they found them, in the spirit of intended community.

Hostel Rules

There is no smoking in rooms or other indoor areas of the hostel. There is no food or drink allowed in rooms. There are no sleeping bags allowed in rooms. The kitchen closes at 10:30pm and other common areas close at 11pm (but guests can access their room 24/7.) We do not allow pets, other than bona fide and documented service animals.

We are not in the hospitality business and we are not a charitable institution. Our mission is to support self-improvement through educational travel, and we do not offer lodging to New Mexico residents and we generally do not serve people engaged in the local economy.

Please read our Hostel Policies (PDF) as you will be expected to follow them.  You may download a copy for reference.


We require photo ID of all guests and reserve the right to require an active passport, particularly during busy times. Guests of guests must present themselves at the front desk before entering the grounds and non-guests are never allowed in dormitory. We do not provide tours of the property and we do not show rooms prior to check-in.


Do not take photos of hostel guests or staff without first obtaining verbal consent.


If the check-out or re-booking occurs later than 12pm, a two dollar late fee will be charged.

For those wishing to remain on the property after check-out-time and not staying that night, a $2 day-use fee per person is charged – good until 11pm.

Beyond the above, all guests are expected to respect other guests and the volunteer staff of the hostel.


Extensive food staples and a large kitchen are provided for free to all guests. Soap, shampoo, stamps, razors, and other necessities are available at nominal charge at the front desk. Token operated laundry and detergent is available on premises. Wireless Internet is available for $2/day/pp. You may rent a lock for one of our large lockers. Alarm clocks are loaned for free, first come first served.

Group Accommodation

The hostel is an appropriate location for families, student groups, conference attendees, and other troupes of all ages, assuming that proper adult supervision is provided.


Information on making  a reservation is here.

Interview with Preston

You can click here for a YouTube video interview with the founder and operator of the hostel, Preston Ellsworth

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