Map of Santa Fe

Getting Here

The hostel is located at:

1412 Cerrillos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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Please click your method of arrival for clear directions to the hostel:

Rail Runner from Albuquerque

The New Mexico Rail Runner is a commuter train between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The Downtown Albuquerque station is on Central Avenue, near the Route 66 Hostel. Disembark at the South Capitol station in Santa Fe, which is within walking distance of the hostel.

Walking Directions from South Capitol Station to the Santa Fe Hostel

After disembarking at the South Capitol RailRunner station, walk south/west along the road that parallels the tracks a very short distance to Alta Vista St. Turn right onto Alta Vista St. and walk another short distance to Cerrillos Road.

Turn left (south/west) on Cerrillos Road and walk about 1/4 mile to the hostel at 1412 Cerrillos Road.

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From the North – I-25

Take I-25 south to the St. Francis exit (exit 282.) Take St. Francis 1 mile to Cordova. Turn left onto Cordova and turn left at the next light onto Cerrillos Road. Take Cerrillos Road south approximately 1/2 mile. The hostel will be on your left and you will see the tall Zozobra mural at the northmost corner, then an outdoor patio, then the parking lot. You will have to go just a bit past the hostel and make a u-turn.

From the North – Highway 285

Coming down the long hill into Santa Fe, bear right. This becomes St. Francis. Go through several stoplights leading to the first complex intersection and turn right on Cerrillos Rd. and take it 1/2 miles. The hostel will be on your left and you will see the tall Zozobra mural at the northmost corner, then an outdoor patio, then the parking lot. You will have to go just a bit past the hostel and make a u-turn.

From the South – I-25

Take I-25 North to Santa Fe. Take the Cerrillos Road exit (exit 278.) Continue north on Cerrillos Road about 6.5 miles to the Santa Fe International Hostel, which will be on your right at 1412 Cerrillos Road, roughly 1/2 mile north of the St. Michael’s Intersection.

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Santa Fe Municipal Airport (SAF)

The city transit system ends two miles short of the airport, so the best way to get from SAF to the hostel is to bum a ride with a fellow passenger or call an UBER/Lyft driver. Click here for Santa Fe taxi information. Tell the driver that you wish to go to the hostel at 1412 Cerrillos Road, between St. Michael’s and St. Francis.

Albuquerque Sunport (ABQ)

The Sandia Shuttle will take you directly to the hostel’s front door. You can schedule with them on their website:

If you wish to explore Albuquerque, you can enjoy the city (including the Route 66 Hostel) and then take the RailRunner to Santa Fe. Click here for directions.

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Santa Fe no longer has a Greyhound station, but fortunately it’s easy to get here from both the Albuquerque and Denver Greyhound stations.

From the Albuquerque Greyhound Station

The Albuquerque Greyhound station is only a very short walk to the Rail Runner, which is the commuter train that brings you to within a few blocks of the Santa Fe International Hostel. (Directions: Walk 3 blocks north to Central Ave. and 1 block east to the train station.)

Please click here for directions from Albuquerque to Santa Fe via RailRunner, and for walking directions to the Santa Fe International Hostel once you have arrived.

From the Denver Greyhound Station

From Downtown Denver’s Greyhound station, take a quick taxi ride or take a short walk to the Mexican Buses, such as the El Paso / Los Angeles Limousine at 2215 California St, just a few blocks from the Denver Greyhound station.

Click here for details on how to take the Mexican Bus to Santa Fe, and how to get to the Santa Fe International Hostel once you have arrived.

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“Mexican” Bus Lines

NOTE: If you’re coming from Albuquerque, your best choice is to take the RailRunnerClick here for information.

If you are coming from Denver or other points north, you can get to Santa Fe direct from Denver via Mexican bus lines, most notably the El Paso – Los Angeles Limousine Service. (It’s a bus, not a limousine.)  This bus runs between El Paso, TX and through Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Denver and as far as Los Angeles, CA. This bus isn’t fancy – but it’s better than Greyhound!

The departure station in Denver is in downtown Denver, close to the Greyhound and Amtrak stations. The address is:

El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine
2215 California St, Denver, CO 80205

The arrival station in Santa Fe is a gas station near the highway.

Giant Convenient Store
2691 Sawmill Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

From this gas station, you may wish to walk (4 miles), call for a taxi, or contact the hostel at (505)988-1153 for the possibility of finding a ride from one of our guests or staff.

This gas station does not sell tickets or have an agent working there. It is simply a drop-off point for the bus companies. But you can buy tickets to Santa Fe in Denver (or other points with a full station.)

You can visit the El Paso – Los Angeles Limousine Service Website for schedules, contact numbers, or to purchase a ticket online.

(Note that if you are leaving from Santa Fe you should call the prior station (probably Albuquerque or Denver) to make sure the driver knows to pick you up as Santa Fe is not a default pickup! )

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By Train (Amtrak)

An interesting quirk of western history is that passenger train service (including from the iconic Santa Fe Railway) has never had a terminal in Santa Fe proper. The closest Amtrak station to Santa Fe is in the town of Lamy, which looks and feels like a classic American West train station from the 1800s (because it basically is one.)

To get from Lamy to Santa Fe, you’ll want to take the Lamy Shuttle, which will drop you off at the hostel’s front door. The fee for the Lamy Shuttle from the station to Santa Fe is often included in the price of your Amtrak ticket. You’ll want to verify that.

The Lamy Shuttle generally requires reservations.

Lamy Shuttle
(505)982-8829 (as of 2014)

If your Amtrak voyage ends in Albuquerque, you can take the RailRunner to Santa Fe from there. Directions are here.

If your Amtrak voyage ends in Denver, you can hail a taxi or walk through downtown Denver to the Mexican buses which will bring you to Santa Fe. Click here for information on the Mexican Buses that take you to Santa Fe.

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Uber and Lyft Drivers

There are not as many Uber/Lyft drivers than some cities, and we’ve heard of a few who have cancelled trips etc. But generally, if you must get from point A to point B and it’s not walkable or otherwise served by public transport, UBER and LYFT are feasible options. Especially from the airport as there is no public transportation from the Airport to the hostel.

Taxis in Santa Fe

We are not aware of any taxi service in Santa Fe.

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